Baihua Data Valley


The program of Baihua Data Valley is situated in the center of Zhuchang township in Guanshanhu district.


Baihua Eco-tourism Industrial Park


The Baihua Eco-tourism Industrial Park is situated at the townships of Zhuchang and Baihuahu in Guanshanhu and will cover about 174 square kilometers.


Modern Manufacturing Industrial Park (Geely Auto Industrial Park)


The Modern Manufacturing Industrial Park (Geely Auto Industrial Park) is located at the township of Jinhua in Guanshanhu district.


Trade and Logistics Industrial Park


The Trade and Logistics Industrial Park is located in the southwestern part of Guanshanhu district with a total planning area of 27.2 square kilometers.


Big Data Industrial Park


The Big Data Industrial Park consists of the Guiyang Big Data Innovative Industry (Technology) Development Center, a Call and Services Outsourcing Center, an E-commerce Development Center, a Blockchain Innovative Development Center, a Big Data Exchange Center, and an Internet-connected Financial Center.


High-speed Train-connected Industrial Park


The roughly 20.19 square kilometer High-speed Train-connected Industrial Park project is situated in the northeastern part of Guanshanhu district.


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