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Guanshanhu rolls out measures to boost rural revitalization

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2021-11-19

The Guanshanhu district of Guiyang city – the capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou province – recently launched 10 measures to boost rural revitalization, with the focus on industries, characteristic specialist sectors, personnel training and bolstering village collectives. Below are the measures:

Industry support

1. Support agricultural businesses to develop new projects. Projects with an investment of 5 million yuan ($783,000) and above will be offered a subsidy of 10 percent of the total investment, to a maximum amount of 1 million yuan for each business.

2. Support agricultural businesses to promote the scaled-up development of fruit trees, vegetables, tea, traditional Chinese medicine, the forestry derived economy and spring rice, or rice irrigated with spring water. A project with an investment of 5 million yuan and above will be offered a subsidy worth 10 percent of the total investment, to a maximum amount of 1 million yuan for each agricultural business.

3. Encourage agricultural businesses to apply for the titles of "Green Food", "Organic Agricultural Products" and "Agro-product Geographical Indications". Those newly recognized as green food, organic agricultural products and national geographical indication agro-products, will be awarded with grants of 10,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan, respectively.

4. Encourage companies to boost the integrated development of the primary, second and tertiary industries. If policies permit, Guanshanhu will provide companies with land for production facilities and ancillary facilities in proportion, according to the supporting standards for agricultural facilities.

5. Support land redistribution. A new project undertaken by a single agricultural business, which converts land of over 500 mu (33 hectares) to industrial development for more than 15 years, will be funded with 600 yuan per mu annually for three years. The subsidy will be handed out annually.

Specialist sectors

6. Guanshanhu district is striving to speed up the revitalization of rural traditional crafts, encourage the development of folk arts and folk performances, foster distinctive traditional handicrafts, advance the growth of the folk culture industry and establish a group of cultural demonstration bases. Those identified as municipal, provincial or national demonstration bases for the cultural industry will be awarded with grants of 50,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan and 500,000 yuan, respectively.

Personnel training

7. Support companies to establish expert workstations for rural revitalization. The district will provide 20,000 yuan for each workstation recognized by the municipal authority and 50,000 yuan for those recognized by the provincial authority.

8. Establish a talent pool of agriculture experts, scholars and rural entrepreneurs. Those receiving recognition from public and village collectives and identified as district grass-roots rural practical talent, will be subsided to the tune of 500 yuan per month.

Village collectives

9. Set up a 1 million yuan village collective fund for demonstration villages to stimulate rural revitalization. The funds will be used to take a share in village projects being developed by companies, or to develop the homestay and agritainment business – farm-based entertainment including activities such as hayrides, pony rides and harvest festivals. The fund, with an investment duration of three years, will be returned to the account from whence it was remitted after the prescribed deadline and allocated to the next batch of demonstration villages.

10. Village collectives that achieve the annual rural revitalization goals efficiently – as well as following the principles that drive prosperous industries, the livable environment, rural civilization, efficient management and better-off lives, as well as those that pass the review of the municipal authority – will be eligible to receive a grant of 50,000 yuan.

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